What an Employer Looks for in Employees?

What an Employer Looks for in Employees

• Punctuality and regularity

• Giving notice if expecting to be late or absent

• Compliance with company rules

• Honesty and dependability

• Amount of work compared with others

• Quality of work compared with others

• Respect for supervisor and co-workers

• Regard for company equipment

• Taking initiative

• Following directions

• Not a complainer

Basically, An employer just want that an employee do all his duty on time. Still there are some more things that he consider too which are mentioned below:

  1. Completing the project on time.
  2. Punctuality.
  3. Professional behaviour.
  4. Intiative taker.
  5. Team player.

So these are some of the factor is expected out of a an employee.

In the interviews I’ve been in on the following from your list score highly in my book:

[]Honesty and dependability
]Respect for supervisor and co-workers (also will this person fit in with the personalities already in the team)
[]Quality of work (how quickly one does work can be learnt but the “want” to get things right the first time round is a personality based thing)
]Giving notice if expecting to be late or absent.
[/LIST]But it does depend on the job type. If the job was team based then most of above would be important but if the job required them to work alone then I may add self motivating, or look for stronger personalities.

That being said, the last interview I was in I pick a stronger personality because the team was made up of the more back seat sort of people and the team really needed a driver.

It really does depend on not just the core needs of the job, but the team that job is based in a good employer should realise that sadly a good chunk of them don’t.

  1. Skilled
  2. Loyal
  3. Honest

I think these are the top 3 important things that employers required.