What am I looking for?

I have been a long time user with Joomla and the only reason is because you can control the external template skelleton.

So with websites with 100+ pages if you want to change the navigation you can edit 1 file vs 100 files. It sort of seperates the pages from the template.

Im unsure what this is called?

A template engine? A template framework?

Are there any faster alternatives to Joomla if this is all that is needed? If so can anyone recommend some good applications for this? The ability to fully control the inner pages with php, java, ajax etc within joomla takes a long time since it is not content based like a news website.

Id like to try and find a simple system where it pulls pages in vs having to create them in the wysiwyg “tiny mce” system.

I know this could be accomplished by using scroll-less frames however this is bad for seo.

Thanks for the assistance!

I have not used Joomla, but I am sure—like all CMSs—that is has a templating framework which would allow you to centralise the layout. If you have recreated the page layout manually on each page, this is a fault of your own and I highly recommend to take the time to modify your Joomla template to work properly. Then you can continue to use Joomla as well.

Joomla use to allow this with wrappers however then again it is a frame system.

Ive used other cms however none that are built and focused on fast development.

Anyone care to shed some light?