WH4L - current lack of support

Has anyone else had trouble with the lack of support at WH4L since the “transition”?

I have about 20 sites with them and have always been very satisfied with their support. However, since they changed hands or whatever it was, the support is sadly lacking. I currently have a site down - its showing an error message Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class config in c:\php\4\pear\Config.php on line 44 which my database colleague assures me is one of their files, I submitted a request for support on Friday afternoon, it is now Saturday afternoon and the latest response is that it has to be referred to a technical person who would reply in 24-48 hours.

Perhaps they are waiting for me to pay for Premium Support! Not likely. Am looking for a new hosting company. It is so embarrassing to have to explain to a client that I have no idea why their site is down but it is something to do with the hosting company.

I wonder what they suggest to do if you have some specific request?

"The chat line “technical support” desk is based in Mangalore, India, and is not staffed by technically qualified people. All they can do is log support tickets for you (it’s quicker and more accurate to do that yourself) but they can answer basic questions on how to use the new console.

That’s about as much “support” as you’ll get from them."

That is a quote from the link posted above:. http://www.wh4l.net/2010/04/24/webhost4life-migration-issues-collection/

Do you suspect they have outsourced support?

Well, that certainly explains a lot! Support from a help desk in India???
Now I am REALLY worried!

My sites are mainly small business - a few have databases. Cost is a consideration. Not sure how far 2GB Diskspace and 14GB Bandwith go. (Professional plan).

Are you using ASP/MSSQL? If so, that is only supported on a Windows plan. If you use PHP/MySQL then a linux provider would be fine :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about your troubles. http://www.wh4l.net/2010/04/24/webhost4life-migration-issues-collection/ Looks like they are having some issues migrating customers.

Hello Jasnick,

That is correct. May I ask what languages your website uses? Is it .html, .php, .asp etc.

Our Professional Plan is very popular as 99% of websites will not need more resources that than. We are a firm believer of providing what our customers need rather than focusing on what our competitors are offering.

That is correct. I have been forced to temporarily change the password as some people uploaded mail scripts via FTP.

I am sending you a PM now.


Hi Jack

I see your platform is Linux. I am currently using Windows hosting. What would the change mean and what would I have to do? As you can tell I am a bit hazy about all the intricacies.

My sites are mainly small business - a few have databases. Cost is a consideration. Not sure how far 2GB Diskspace and 14GB Bandwith go. (Professional plan).

BTW, your View our Control Panel link seems to require a login.

For the sites that require a database, I am using PHP/MySQL - or at least my colleague who does my database work is. He has recommended Linux before if I recall.

Most of my static sites use HTML.

Hello Jasnick,

I’m sorry to hear about your bad experiences. Whenever a hosting company changes hands they always seems to go downhill.

I also think it’s a good idea to find a new hosting company. May I ask what your requirements are?