WGET problem

I have wanted to download my website by using WGET. Can anyone let me know is it window based software as I am trying on windows but it is not happening…

Have you looked around at all? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wget

Second, could you be more clear about “download my website”. You want a local copy of the html?

I was able to successfully download my main page html file just now, but I’m on Ubuntu Linux, I know I have wget. Do you have it?

I also have no clue how one would use such a tool in a graphical OS like Windows… I only know how to use it via the command line.

wget is a command line application on *nix machines.

There are binaries for Windows too. I recently downloaded one, I think from the official wget website.

It comes with cygwin. But that is discovered through a nice easy Google search. : )