We've been nominated for an award!

Pretty cool news… we’ve been nominated in the Community Site section of the 2010 .net Magazine Awards!

The competition is weak. I mean, seriously, who’s ever heard of Twitter? :wink:

Anyway, every vote counts, so if you think we’re deserving, head on over and cast your vote!

While you’re there, check out the Podcast section as well!


Voted only for two categories where sitepoint is nominated :wink: Hope for the best to win the award :slight_smile:

i have voted sitepoint.

Congrats ! i think u will be vote for ur work so just be cool
<snip>tut tut tut self-promotion is not allowed in SP… be patient, you can have your signature in 3 months time :wink:</snip>

Ok, I voted in 3 categories… the ones I really had a clue about…

In two of them, I voted for Sitepoint but just for the generosity of my heart. That people are so… and so like … no words, really. They really … I mean… who would want to vote for them? I felt so sorry that I did, so at least they have one vote… I know, I’m generous. They don’t even deserve that. :shifty: (is it now when I have to run and hide before anybody kills me? runs)

Well that would explain it…!

Ooh, it’s a tough one. I love Dribbble and Twitter too. I’m torn

You’ve got my vote! SitePoint is the only dev community I know of that hasn’t fallen to idiot posters and spam. lol Keep up the good work :wink:

voted also. sp deserves it!

Great news! I’ve voted.

@iFroggy, where’s your purple podcast badge vanished to?


We appreciate your consideration in the podcast category. :slight_smile: Thank you to those who have voted so far.

Voted. Not telling who for, though. :wink:

Voted! :slight_smile:

congratulations, voted for sitepoint.
i have read a lot about the community, but wasnt having much time to join.
Finally ready to get benefited from the knowledge pool.

It’s a fantastic and awesome news and I am glad that I am a member of this forum. Congrats!

congratulations. you deserve it. keep up the good work! two thumbs up!

Just voted for SP.
(I’ll have the 2 wks Platinum Suite at grandrivieraprincess.com or grandsunsetprincess.com)

Vote early and vote often!