Were can i learn SEO Techniques

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I learn seo two years

Keep on reading and participating on seo topic in every forums. Eventually, you’ll learn all the basics you need.

If you’re smart and don’t want to waste time on a lot of wild goose chases or following bad advice from misinformation then I’d suggest the following is the best process for learning search engine optimization:

  1. First read a book or two or three… There are lots of good books out and they will present the basic concepts and terminology in a well planned way from beginner to intermediate (unlike forum/blog trolling online which you’ll get random bits of info in NO specific order). Even Search Engine Optimization for Dummies is a decent book for learning the basics.
  2. After you have the basics down, follow well known SEOs online - Danny Sullivan, [URL=“http://www.seobook.com/blog”]Aaron Wall, [URL=“http://www.seomoz.org/blog”]Rand Fishkin, etc.

About the only forum I would suggest reading this early in the game is webmasterworld.com. It’s highly moderated, doesn’t allow links so spammers and “fake” SEOs avoid it. There are lots of brilliant people posting their… mostly people who make a living off of their own sites.

  1. Attend Pubcon - an awesome Search Marketing conference.

  2. Once you have a good understanding of SEO THEN start trolling forums… You’ll be much better equipped to identify who knows WTF they are talking about and who is blowing smoke up your ****! :wink:

niitesh,try this links, maybe that u looking for

Search Engine Optimization is the art of performing a variety of techniques to your website to raise it up search engine rankings, specifically Google who basically dictates how much success your website will have based on its search position for primary keywords. Here are some basic SEO Techniques that must be follow by any web design , hope this will help you

that best for you to start from google seo tips, or, wikipedia as an instant solution to know more about seo by following the result of “SEO” seach keyword

Just participate in the seo forums your can easily gain the experiences of many seo experts.

There are lots of manuals online where you can learn the ropes and basics but if you want to get serious about it you will just have to experiment a lot and see what strategies work best for you.

you can check this website for learning seo http://www.webconfs.com/

…And while you’re taking everybody’s advice, be sure to start your to do list based on their advices and start implementing it.

SEO is a tough one …

Oh well, I have read them all, it can be summarized in one line: just good content and good targeted links. That is not even true cause a spammy page with just links can outrank a whole blog, you don’t know even why or rather the “super sophisticated” google algorithm is just randomised 5 year old child brain thoughts :smiley:

there are so many free website availables from where you can find good strategy about ranking high in major search engines.just go on to google and search for free seo techniques

some websites like webconfs is really good and you can learn much about seo from it

The basics can be learn in 2 two hours, you’d better experiment instead of losing times on forums or read ebooks for that.