Weirdest IE warning message ever

Hi , I work on a MAC and test remote browser shots for other computers . So I was quite puzzled when someone from Europe called me here in Australia that he has to click away a warning message that repeats it self 140 times each and every time he want to access any page of the site. The address is . The warning was in a small popup with a very short text he could not pronounce ( he spoke pretty poor english but spoke my native language Dutch) . The message has a counter as far I understood and everytime he clicked it counted one step down. He knew next to nothing about his computer. But I could find out it was a Windows PC of 4 years old . So most likely Windows XP with IE7 or 8 . Spooky or perhaps downright simple ? Thanks in advance: Jaap

Your code is sending alerts to IE versions below 8. The alert says “This works!” it is coming from
You only really need for IE 6 only. IE 7 has support for alpha channels in PNGs.

THANKS , that should be easy to fix after dinner :slight_smile: . Must have been a very determined visitor , he really said he had clicked several times 140 x on ‘OK’ . best regards: Jaap
PS: any other stupid things this amateur (me) did in designing a site to sell his land please tell me :slight_smile: