Weird Traffic

I have a really odd traffic thing going, maybe someone has some insights for me.

The site has had decent-ish traffic in it’s 5 day life. The weirdest thing to me is that 99.5% appears to come direct.

[OT]And some entertainment value - I’m waiting for it’s CTR to drop below 0.10
I’m forced to develop it live (don’t ask), so my constant visiting and refreshing isn’t helping, but really. That’s so low, that it stuns me.[/OT]

The traffic has balanced out, now 10% is direct. Thanks for your input. I dunno what caused it, but I’m going to blame the bots.
Just because they’re…you know…bots.

Damn bots, think they own the place.

This is weird, check the originating IP to make sure that it’s not a bot.

If you want some help please give more details like the some lines from the logs.

yes paste some log lines please. I can then tell you exactly how to minimize if its spam traffic (referrer attack) leechers etc.

can u paste a few lines from your log, it sounds interesting I have seen some weird traffic myself. Have you tried to find the geographical source of the traffic?