Weird spike in site visits... ever seen this?

I typically am getting 20-30 visits per day on my website, but yesterday when I checked the analytics I had 89. When I looked at the traffic report, the majority of the visits showed 1 page view, 1 visit, and 00:00:00 average time on the site.

All of these suspicious visits seem to be coming from obscure search-related sites. Here are a few from the list: / referral / referral / referral / referral / referral / referral / referral / referral

What are these weird visits? Anyone ever seen this sort of activity before?

Thanks everyone.

I’m not too worried about it, although it does make my daily analytics a bit harder to track. I have to sort my traffic by average time on site and then do a little quick math to see how many visits were real. I had 89 visits yesterday with these bot hits, but I figure only 28 of them were legit. Sucks to have to do that every day.

I’m guessing Stevie D is right in this and you got hit by a “referrer SPAM” bot.

Some sites have their stats publicly viewable (though I can’t imagine why) and this puts links in a web page. Leave it to the SEO-kiddies to think up inventive ways of manipulating SERPs.

Yes, I often see referrals coming from completely random sites, often looking even dodgier than those, and they are sites that would never conceivably be linking to my site. I believe they are hoping to get clicks back to their sites from your logs. Unless you find that it is having a negative impact on your site traffic, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Could it be all the bots from those sites indexing you? Maybe he owns all the sites to have more of a market.