Weird photo alignement problem

I have a problem that is almost impossible to solve. We created photo gallery and it seems that when page loads then photo is not aligned and breaks the whole page. However, if you reload the page everything seems fine. Also if I save the broken page locally (or view source) it seems fine. Problem is visible only when photo/page the loads first time. The frame of the photo is also broken and it doesn’t follow the border of the photo.

For example take a look at these two examples. First one is broken page and second is correct format. I can’t show you the code since you have to be logged in to see the issue. But even if you look at the code everything seems fine the code is same before and after page reload.

Broken image screenshot:

After the page is refreshed:


Could you put up a version that doesn’t involve a log in? Otherwise, all we can do is sympathize with you. :frowning:

Ok thanks. I saved the page and as you can see everything looks ok:

Only way to see the problem is when you login and first time access the photo.