Weird Google search result

I was helping a friend check their Google SERPs, and we were both bewildered to see the same totally irrelevant result - in first place for my friend and in second place for me.

The page (a) doesn’t contain the search term; (b) is in no way relevant to the search term and (c) is in Swahili, a language neither of us knows and we have never used, searched in, searched for … upsidedown

Given that Google is supposed to return the most relevant results based on the search term and content of the page, I’m at a loss to understand why this result comes up consistently. sdesole

(It does seem to confirm my own opinion that Google is far from infallible. tapedshut)

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Are you asking us to help you with something?

Not really, no.

I’m just expressing my bewilderment and hoping if anyone has anything relevant to say that they’ll chip in. smile Not all threads here are Q&A; there’s a place for general discussion, too.

After Google were update core algorithm, big changes occurred on many search queries. I also witnessed lots of new website in top 10 result which i never seen before.