Weird firebug issue

Hey all,

I’ve searched a good bit around Google for this issue and not found any answers so my apologies if it’s a known issue.

I just noticed something very odd in Firebug (also visible in Chrome Dev tools.)

When I load a site I recently built:

Low Cost Mechanics in Dublin, Ireland - Local Mechanics

If I then inspect the div id=wrap element I see most css selectors are repeated twice in the CSS viewer in Firebug (and in Chrome dev tools.) I’m on a Mac Book Pro running 10.6.8 and the latest FF 4 version.

I’ve attached a screenshot of what I see in Firebug.

Thanks for anyone who can shed some light on this.


While I can’t say for sure, I suspect it’s that cufon garbage screwing with you – there’s a reason it was never a good idea to start with, and people have been fleeing it for @font-face ever since all browsers got on the same page to support the decade old IE construct as part of CSS3.

Though… wow, that’s a LOT of DIV and ID for NOTHING, even for a turdpress layout… I mean, I expect the endless classes and absolute URL’s for nothing but bloat on anything wordpress related – but does everything REALLY need four to five div wrapped around them?

Hey deathshadow60 - nah don’t think it’s cufon - I’ve completely switched it off on a local dev version and it’s the same.

Re: the theme - the empty div’s etc. is due to the use of the StudioPress Genesis theme framework - it’s not hand coded :slight_smile: it’s a child theme sitting on top of the Genesis framework.

Ok, now that the pic has been approved I can explain it. Each condition gets applied in turn – so because .home #wrap and .blog #wrap are both true, both get applied in turn in source order. If you added .home-page to body, it would show up a third time.

Which is why excessive presentational classes, especially for redundant declarations (of things that frankly should be in a reset at that) takes longer to render… and why that’s generally considered sloppy coding.

Even if EVERY CSS framework out there does it – just another reason NOT to use frameworks.

thanks very much for the detailed explanation deathshadow60 - I’ll go off and explore it in more detail.