Weird file upload problem

I’m using Dropzone.js in combination with PHP to upload multiple files at once. After I submit the form I get a success message and the page is refreshed in order to see the new photo’s. But for some reason the images appear a if they don’t exist

Obviously I first checked the page source to see the result:

As I didn’t see anything strange there, I checked the database to see anything strange in there:

Notthing strange there either, so my last option was to check the upload folder to check if the files were indeed uploaded:

But it seems everything is ok. Not sure what is causing this. Maybe I am overseeing something?

Maybe more eyes see more than 2

I presume the images which are showing properly were manually added to that directory where as the ones which are not working were written to the file system using php? If so it sounds like your web server (apache) doesn’t have read permissions for those files. I’ve had this same issue in Drupal before but can’t recall what I did to fix it.

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