Weird CSS Misplacement

I have a really weird problem, on my homepage I have a slider which I added.
Everything looks fine.

On a category page which shares with the homepage the same file (index.php), the columns and footer are out of position.

I have compared the css attributes with another page thats not on the same file which is also looking fine.

They are the same, so the problem I’m having is the misplacement of the elements in the category page.

Someone help me figure out this dilemma.


On the Home page, your footer is outside this div:

<div class="grid_16 push_4" id="bodyContent">


while on the broken page, the footer is inside it.

That bodyContent div has a width of 630px and is set off from the left by 160px.

You’ve be better off not using CSS frameworks in future. They look too confusing to me.

it’s the same on the other pages but they work

No it isn’t! The pages that work have the footer outside this div, while the page with the problem has the footer inside this div:

<div class="grid_16 push_4" id="bodyContent">


thanks, it was really confusing

No problem, glad it’s sorted. I do think these grid systems make site creation a lot more confusing than it needs to be. :frowning: