Weird Chrome Image Display "bug."

Hey all,

I’m testing one of my newest designs out, and I’m wondering if anyone else has had this problem too.

Using Chrome, after I click around on the website for a while, images just won’t display. They were working fine before, then all of a sudden they vanish.

Anyone else experience this? If so, did you find a workaround or is this just a bug with chrome? Thanks!

can you post a URL to your page?

Sometimes you need to refresh the page for chrome to display it.

Well I would start by setting Chrome back to default settings, and disabling any extensions you’re using, and re-testing.

It sounds like a caching issue to me, (either disk caching, or memory caching) where the images aren’t being retrieved from the cache. Sometimes an extension can mess with the cache behavior.

Okay that makes sense. I’ve got some extensions running that could mess with images I s’pose.

Thanks guys!