Weird behaviour with iPageRank plugin results

Hi all,

I’m using the iPageRank plugin in Chrome and have noticed something which seems quite not right and want your opinion if I’m right.

Basically I’ve been flicking through the pages on my site and hovering the mouse cursor over the plugin icon to tell me how much PR will a follow/nofollow link from a given page on my site yield.

With me so far right? Good.

Well get this, on some pages a nofollow link will score a very high 163 while a follow on the exact same page will only provide a “43” link juice. That’s give or take some only 25% of 163.

Shouldn’t follow links always provide higher PR?


i haven’t tried that tool that you are saying… and is it accurate, i mean the computation number.??

While Google says that the nofollow attribute will only prevent PageRank from being sent to the following page, it does indicate that it is generally not passed. To answer your question, no - not always. Yes, usually follow links will provide a higher PageRank value as nofollow links usually provide zero PageRank.

It sounds like a bug within the plugin.

Overall it provides “logical” feedback pertaining to link juice from follow/nofollow links but as I’ve said above, on occasion it renders questionable results.

Anyone know how it calculates these? Page rank divided by the number of outgoing links on that page yes? In this case it’s even more strange if it’s reporting a higher nofollow than follow PR.