Weird behaviour of multiple select on IOS?

I have a couple of multiple select menus, and on mobile i use native. However I noticed some weird behaviour now. Lets say I have three options:


I choose toyota and ferrari. So far so good. But if i decide to “unchoose” toyota, it will still say toyota as selected object as the “placeholder” instead of ferrari, even tho ferrari is the only one chosen. And it will also make the search (i use them for filtering) as if i had toyota checked. If I close the select and re-open it, it will show Toyota as selected. It seems like an option needs two clicks to be unchecked.

The only time it seems to go with the selected options is the first time i choose when reloading the page, when i uncheck options things get messed up.

Anyone recognize this problem and know what its about?

EDIT: only seem to be in Safari on Iphone.

I get the same problem in the apple mac iphone emulator so I guess this is a bug with multiple/select. A quick look around shows it is indeed a bug.

Hopefully it will get fixed quickly.

Ah okey, thanks for the info.

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