Weeks From Today Calculator

I want to design a website which will calculate weeks from today's calculator website just like this.

What have you tried so far?

Also, note that while this may seem really simple it’s actually really hard.


+1 for Tom Scott.

What is your definition of a week from today? 7 days? You’re going to lose some time in some years, and gain it in others… so you’d have to calculate based strictly on the number of days.

“There are 52 weeks in the year” Well are there? 365/7 is 52.1428… and 366/7 is 52.2857… so you’re losing time every year there, regardless of leap years.

Cant calculate based on hours, because daylight savings etc.

That calculator site you gave, if i give it 1 week from today, tells me it will be Tuesday May 30. But today’s Wednesday the 24th. Is that a week from today? Not in most people I know’s books…

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