Weekly / monthy submissions

I am using some software that creates a xml site map and submits it to the search engines to crawl etc. The company suggest you do this monthly saying that it lets the search engines know of changes and quickens the process of it ranking better and higher etc

Upon mentioning this to some designers they didn’t recommend it as they said google may see it as spamming and could penalise you for it and to be weary of submitting your site so often.

What are the facts and about this and your advice?

The search engines will crawl your site on their own, once they find it and index it. There is no need to submit the sitemap. It is better to get some backlinks and let the (at least major) search engines find it naturally. Major engines being Google, Bing and Yahoo (for now).

Once you have created and submitted your XML sitemap (via Google Webmaster Tools or Bing Webmaster Tools or in your robots.txt) the first time, then there is no need to submit it again. The search engines know it exists and they will continue to come back and retrieve it without you having to do anything.

Just continue to update your sitemap whenever you create new content and the search engines will become aware of it the next time they retrieve your XML sitemap.

Once a XML sitemap is created, its just enough to submit it only once to any of search engine.

Submit sitemap is helpful to let spider crawl your websites, it’s like a assistant, so if you don’t add lots of contents to your website everyday, you needn’t to submit sitemap often, after all, Google spider is very smart.

Having the software that updates the XML sitemap run monthly (or even more frequently) is a good idea - you want to keep it up to date. It doesn’t need to be submitted to the search engines all the time though as if they know how to find your site then they’ll find it.