WebsiteOptimizer Visitors & Conversions not working ... help!

Hi Everyone,

First off, I hope I’m posting this in the right section.

Anyway, This is really weird. Website Optimizer is quite easy to setup. I’ve been using it for several months.

This new campaign (A/B split Test), however, doesn’t seem to work properly. Visitor and Conversion Tracking don’t seem to work. I followed all the installation steps. Google’s system also verified that the code was pasted properly. But it still did not work.

I tried setting-up the campaign 3 times, with no luck on all counts…

Can anyone more experienced please take a look at this?




I’d appreciate any help I can get on figuring this one out.



I had same the same problem with Google Webmaster tool. There was no views recorded either for Control Page or the Variations. I’m no longer using GWT and started using Optimizely.
If your site receives good amount of traffic, you can think about one-month trial of Optimizely. You’ll have your result without paying a penny.

Thanks for the response ankit7.

Seems like GWT has had a few problems with other users as well. Guess I’ve got to try another A/B split testing service. Thanks again!