Website won't load after moved to a new host

website won’t load after moved to a new host

this is my address

the site is the same, just moved all the files

no page can load

do I need to change some definition in the host server?
permissions seem to be ok
htaccess is empty as it should

Server doesn’t respond for me. You’d better talk to your host.

Server isn’t responding for me either… You sure the DNS changes pointing the domain to the new server have propagated?

the host has a test site for my site which is
the real site name is

although I changed the dns to the new host last weak it is still pointing to the old one and that is why you can see the musicall site

but the test site isn’t related to dns so it should work but it does not

Like I said before, contact your host.

lol…my answer is same as i typed in dp forums

some probabs here
some config problem in your script
some config problem in your new server (ie not matching with old server …for eg if old server had allow_remote_url on and new doesnt have it…you will get a fatal error)

avukadomusic, it looks like you’ve fixed the problem. Your test site ( does not load but your read site ( loads fine. The read site on the home page displays a grid of buttons, each one is a manufacturer, is that how it’s meant to look?

the musicall site loads because for some reason the dns still points to the old server!
it shouldn’t

Try a simple test page on the new server, just a very basic HTML page, does that display ok?

did that with index.php and index.html

also :
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection timed out

thats it

Is the host of the new server? Is so could their system be down as their home page gives a “Server not found” error

no their sit is

but all the application are like
for example