Website won't display in Firefox

It’s not my site.

But why won’t it work in Firefox 3? It also doesn’t work in Opera 10.51. I have the latest Adobe Flash player installed.

Works in firefox 3 here

I see some of the website such as the small icons at the bottom and the links there.

Everything else is black.

It must be something with the Adobe Player because the website is fine in IE7.

Ah, site didn’t actually load fully, saw it start loading and presumed it would load fully,

It’s looking for:

and getting file not found which is likely breaking further images from being loaded by the preloader.

But why does it work in IE7?

Looks like there’s some form of hotlinking protection on your hosting that is disallowing a direct load of the image. ie7 must be doing something with regards to its request header that the host allows.

If you go to then 1, then click the image link then you can access it, but not directly.

Thanks for the detective work.

I thought it was something wrong with my Adobe Player, but I guess it is misconfiguration of the webhost or something.

Ah, well. Not my website to worry about.