Website with no cms to having a cms

Hello Friends

I have a question. If there is a simple website and if I want to make it a much better website by attaching a cms like joomla, drupal or wordpress to it. How do I do it. I want the same design to continue even after the CMS is attached.

Is this a possible scenario or do I have to again build the complete website from scratch using the cms to accomplish this task.


sounds like something like CushyCMS is what you need.

have a look at the demo on their home page.

Depending on the content and the functions of your website you can use either of the CMS you mentioned. ‘Attaching’ a CMS is a matter of building a template (the display or presentation) that fits around the CMS structure (php pages).
If you’ve built a website, you may be able to simply put the CMS’s functions in place of your current static content. Or, to look at it another way, you should be able to use an existing free template and change the CSS of the template to reflect your our design.
Hope this makes sense!

Thanks Kalon and bo5ton.
bo5ton as you said. I was also thinking in the same way. just to change the header, etc…and make changes in CSS.

Thanks a lot…

If you want a fully-featured CMS inside which you can manage your whole site, you really should look at MODx, a CMS for which I breathlessly plug at every occasion because I like it so much myself. MODx was made for porting an existing design with minimal effort.

You dont have to design the website from scratch. First thing you will have to do is to upload the Joomla server files to your hosting server and then upload the design template to the Joomla server. Then it is going to be simple. Just add content and images…

Most come with some sort of templating system, you shouldn’t really have to change your design to fit the CMS, most are easily integrated

Well not really. A design should be re-coded properly to fit the CMS. I am not sure an automated system can do it without any damage to the initial template.

Any CMS that dictates how you code a design, is a bad CMS. A good CMS lets you implement the HTML document structure exactly as you want it. :slight_smile:

I’d love to see such a perfect system :slight_smile:

ExpressionEngine and MODx are just two of them. There’s also TextPattern. All of them give you 99,99% control of your code. :slight_smile:

I can just imagine the code such a system generates ) An it will definitely require further fixes. I would start from the beginning & choose a template with the built-in CMS

These systems do not generate any HTML or CSS markup at all. That’s your job. Perhaps you should give these a try. It’ll give you a better idea on what some of these CMSes actually do as it doesn’t sound like you’ve worked with a CMS that doesn’t control your code.

As the level of customization via the UI increases the ability to easily change the system decreases. Systems like modX are relatively easy to customize because there really isn’t much to it. You pretty much have to program and create everything yourself. Where as, Drupal you can get an entire site up and running without ever touching a line of code. It just depends what is more important to you. If its beautiful code than most true content management systems that make it possible to get a site up and running without any programming or"template language" isn’t it. In regards to functionality there is no comparison between modX, CushyCMS, etc to Drupal w/ the standard set of module (views, fields,webform,panels,imagecache,etc). The same can be saif for Joomla though I don’t believe extensions exist for it that come close to some of those available for Drupal, like views. If you want power you go with something like Drupal and embrace its short-comings in light of its many advantages. If you want clean, easy to customize code than you pretty much build the site from scratch or aside a very basic database entry system such as; CushyCMS, modX, etc. Though someone who knows Drupal and most likely Joomla well can probably achieve what someone could in the lighter system in a third or fourth of the time.

Joomla and Wordpress are both template based, you would need to create a theme for your site under the specific platform if you wanted to use it. If you’re interested, look up “Wordpress theme creation” on Google and it should point you in the right direction.

Or there are other CMS’s you could implement that basically rely on PHP variables to modify different sections of the site.