Website Which Adds Hyphens Between Words


Does anyone know of a website which can add hyphen inbetween words for you. Word does it but I dont have Word.

Be really handy if you find one.

I highly doubt it. Does not sound like a height priority item.

Do you mean a visible hyphen (‐) or an invisible hyphenation?
And what will be the goal/usage (in a website, or another way)?
Can you please give an example?

I would think that any text editor with regex search-and-replace can do that.

There are a lot of free ones out there.

It may not even require a regex. Text editors have a search and replace feature. You could search for any space and replace it with a hyphen.

Or you can use the online [U]Hyphenarisator[/U]. :wink:

Lol I stand corrected. You just make that?

Yeps. :slight_smile:

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If a word is too long to fit at the end of a line, Microsoft Office Word 2007 moves the word to the beginning of the next line instead of hyphenating it. However, you can use the Hyphenation feature to automatically or manually hyphenate the text, insert optional or nonbreaking hyphens, and set the maximum amount of space allowed between a word and the right margin without hyphenating the word.

When you use automatic hyphenation, Office Word 2007 automatically inserts hyphens where they are needed. When you use manual hyphenation, Word searches for the text to hyphenate and asks you whether you want to insert the hyphens in the text.