Website vs blog?

Hope I am on a right forum to ask bothering me question how to improve my website. I’ve already added to my website pr=3 a WP blog and though so far I’ve posted only 3 articles there have no noticeable improvement of the website overall though perhaps more visitors a bit around 30 visitors per day.

Though my website is on a first page of the Google with few used keyphrases I am aware that the template desires to be much more professional than now.
THus the question is:

Would not be wise to redesign my website as WP Blog completely and because of that would I not loose my pr and good ranking on SE? Also is it not much more difficult to do SEO on the WP blogs than on website? It took me about 7 years how to do SEO on websites (still is far from perfect) but what about SEO for the WP blog?

I would apprecaite any tips, corrections or suggestions.

Thanks all in advance.


I have found that Blog are a lot easier to get ranked for. There are all kinds of plugin you could use for it. For one “All in one SEO.” You would lose your PR if you redesigned it all with a WP blog. Maybe keeping it the way it is just revamping it would be your best bet.

As I see though to optimize a blog is easier than an established website with 272 backlinks but you still recommend to stay as it is and just somehow to reconstruct my website? Is it correct? Any ideas on that? Thank you kindly.


i like blog, because Blog easier to preserve

I have experienced that a wordpress blog is much more better than an html website because of quick indexing.

Please clarify what does it mean to preserve a blog? Also after 3 months my blog as a page is still has no any pr though my domain has pr=3. Please advise whether only backlinks to the blog is may improve its pr or there other technical means as well?

I think what he/she means by preserving a blog is that it is easier to maintain, if I am not mistaken.

Thanks so much for clarifying. The good think is actually that for more than 5 years it is not a problem at all to maintain a website as well.

Any other ideas so welcome.

I hear that I got it down to a science.

WordPress is not just for a blog - it is also a content management system (though not originally designed as such).

To your questions:

  • simply adding a blog doesn’t by it’s mere existance help the rest of your site. If you write relevant articles that support your main site content with relevant links back to your main site content then you may start to see some uplift for targeted keywords.

  • moving all of your site on to/in to WordPress isn’t a big issue if your site isn’t too big. The main issue is ensuring that your old page URLs are redirected correctly to the new ones.

There’s a lot more to this, so ensure that you do your research - there’s lots of examples online where people explain the process, the pitfalls and gotchas.

Good luck.

Seriocomic, I appreciate your deep and professional remarks and as I’ve understood in reality it is not so big deal and I wont loose any ranking if all redirection would be done correctly. It looks I should learn this new technology and thanks for encouragement to do so.