Website visitors decreased


i have been working on a site for past 4 months, my site hit rate is decreased kindly someone help me what is the problem. it reduced to half. my site is <snip>

If you want a review of your site, you need to ask in the Website Reviews forum. (There are rules about posting there, eg you have to have reviewed three other sites first, these rules are given at the top of that page).

If you want generic information on my your site might nit be getting as many visitors as it used to, who knows? Maybe one of your competitors has upped their game and overtaken you. Maybe you had a load of dodgy links that are no longer being counted. It’s virtually impossible for us to answer.

Thank you very much…

Stick with it. Keep building back links organically and slowly and your hit rates will come back. Focus on visitor quality rather than excessive quantity.

My stats show a 500% increase in uniques and all I did was lengthen my article size from min 800 to min 1500 words. Is Google preferring more words in articles? I also noticed a change in position when I cut out one ad. It seems a very delicate thing now. I’m always afraid of changing something for offending the big G.

To check your website first please share the url or name or check the status of backlinks in ahrefs tool. If backlinks are not reduced then check for google recent updates and find the issue as they suggest and also check the webmaster tool for any notification be Google.

Please read the whole thread before replying. It has already been explained that this is the wrong forum in which to request a review of the site, and the URL was deliberately removed for that reason.

Maybe your visitors are reduced because of the holidays (xmas/new year). People during holidays spend less time online.

there can be many reasons for it…Perhaps you done some black hat or there can be any competitor who is defeating you keywords.
You can not say that only one thing is responsible for this.You need to keep a bird eye on all the elements .:slight_smile:

Again, without seeing the site it can be hard to give a specific advice. I suggest you get back to analyzing things within your niche. How heavy the competition is, on what season people are more likely to search something about in your niche, how your competitor acquire their targeted audience (mostly this comes from looking to its backlink profile), what type of contents that your targeted traffic would like to see, what are the possible situations of a casual user that you might want to provide help with, and some other things.

This will help you to break down the things that can be beneficial and not. It will also help you to identify what is the most appropriate content, context, and approach for your audience.