Website Value - Target Audience UK

Hello Peeps!

I have had my website domain for over 3 years now and was considering maybe selling it.

It’s an information website built with the general public in mind and is specifically targeting a UK Audience. All SEO work is targetting a UK Audience too.

My website currently generates £1000 (give or take -/+ 100) per month on advertisement only. This has been a constant income for over 12 months, and we recieve around 10,000 Unique Visitors a month with over 25,000 pageviews. Our content is very unique, very original and informative.

I don’t want to release too much information, but I currently spend about 3-4 hours a week updating the site content and increasing visability.

10,000 Unique a month may not seem alot, but this is a UK Audience only, as it only applies to UK Residents and has a click thru rate of 10%.

Alot of SEO work has been put in, and obviously works too. We have countless first page results, too many to list and too many to put a number to, hence the traffic. There is currently no marketing campaigns in effect and none have been used in the past.

I know this is little information to go off, and I am not willing to release much more information at this point, but would like to hear people’s opinions on how much to sell it for, and when I want to proceed, the best way to go about it, as the website is a successful idea and am very wary of releasing too much info due to the 2 years of hard work put into it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Congratulations on creating such a successful site. Can you tell us where the traffic comes from, how it makes money (it sounds like Adsense, but it would be nice to confirm), and how much work it takes to maintain the site?


90% of traffic comes from Google Search Results, the site has an endless list of 1st page results, lots of 1st page results in Yahoo! and MSN too.

Main income is Adsense, but to refrain from violating Google’s policy this is just one of the reasons why I am very dubious to revealing too much information.

The website is rather easy to maintain, it has always been a Static HTML website, I am currently working on a couple of subdomains to provide additional services, which once setup and installed correctly will virtually run itself. The main static website itself is easy to update and maintain via FTP Upload.

The site is a special success because it means now literally 3-4 hours a week (if that) of maintainence, updates of news, bit of link building and your done for the week.

I would like to offer aftercare support for the site to the buyer if I did sell it, but would only keep myself attached for a couple of months and would put an extra cost on top of the site price.

Overheads are very minimal too, I am mainly interested in people’s opinions, hypothetically.

Thanks Again.

pr0tax, congrats on building a successful business.

A word of caution: the 90% traffic from Google is often seen by sellers as a plus, a good selling point; but seen by many buyers as a risk, as taking a big chance on an algo they don’t control. I’d be cautious in how I describe that in any sales listing.

I wouldn’t worry too much about disclosing Adsense information. If you read the Adsense terms again, there is a lot you can disclose. Obviously the fact that your site is running adsense is not a secret. You can also disclose total income per month and other metrics that are important to they buyer - and this won’t be in violation of Adsense terms. What you can’t give out in public is detailed information on CTRs EPCs.

Is there any room for growth for the site? What would happen with it if you ignored it for a month or two? Can you tell us the general topic, or at least if it is a current events site, or something more permanent?

The only way to know what you can get for it is to put it up for sale and take offers, but you will have to reveal a lot more information during that process than you have provided so far. If you want to go through a more discreet sales process, you take the risk of leaving a decent amount of money on the table.

pr0tax, you might be able to get an idea of price range by looking at other sites that have sold with similar revenue generated by advertising. Have a play with the Flippa advanced search area to get some ideas:

Flippa will give you best price range. Could you please tell us your targeted keywords?