Website UI: "disclaimer" that has to be on virtually every page?

I’m building a real estate website. The site has to have a disclaimer on virtually every page that says something to the effect of “John Doe is a licensed agent with XYZ Brokerage.”

It has to be at least 16px font. It must be visible on page load (can’t be put down in the footer; must be above the fold). It doesn’t have to remain visible at all times.

On desktop screen sizes, it’s not a big deal. It can be put in the header without taking away from the UI.

Mobile is a bit more of a concern from a UI/UX standpoint since it will occupy a considerable amount of real estate (for something that’s mostly useless to the end-user).

What’s a good way to go about this? I’m thinking either a bottom bar that can be collapsed by the user, or a above the header, and have the container hidden when the user isn’t scrolled to the top.

That is going to be annoying any way you do it… but what about putting it at the bottom of the screen, with both a “close” X button as well as an automatic fade-out after 30 seconds?

How about filling it out a little to make the best out of a bad thing? For example, show a picture of the agent next to it. Maybe in a sort of James Bond stance.

How about putting at the bottom of the page, but sticky, so as you scroll down, it goes away.
I know that easier to just put it at the top, but I think it would be less obtrusive at the bottom.
I’m not sure if this can be done with the sticky CSS property alone, I’ve not tried it in that way. But if not, I’m sure it could be done with a little javascript.

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