Website speed for mobile view

Hi experts,

Have got this website that is working on wordpress.
website speed for desktop version is around 75-80 but for mobile is lesser than 50.
Have tried different plugins but seems not working.

Any suggestions to improve the mobile speed please will be highly appreciated.

Welcome to the forums, @zamprinting786.

PageSpeed Insights gives a long list of suggestions for improving the speed. Have you tried implementing any of them?

Which plugins have you tried? (So people don’t keep suggesting things you’ve already ruled out.)

Check your website in

One main problem is that your images are too big.

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Images are the most common reasons that websites perform slow on mobiles, so you must check if they are optimized for smartphones. Avoid unnecessary and complex designs and visuals to lighten the burden on website. Also, sometimes page designs are not compatible with mobiles, so check the framework for mobile.

Check website mobile and desktop speed using by gtmetrix and google page speed checker
Fix all showing errors and improve your website speed