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Hello All,

Sorry about my lack of knowledge, I can get around in .php, find items and change it, just not a full on developer.

He had this straight .php website done (no CMS) around 5 years ago (please note there is a Wordpress blog that has been updated, all plugins updated and is using a NO SEND email plugin, so I am sure it is not that, not 100%).

Updated to PHP 5.6, and still seems to work, didn't work.

I removed email addresses from the old contact form, didn't work.

I've looked around and nothing seems to work. Still sending emails and getting sent back to the email addresses that WERE in the contact form.

Any help?



I am sorry but your question makes no sense to me.

Is the contact in the blog? If not there is no need to mention that; where is the contact form?

What does this mean; does it work or not?

If the contact form on the page sends the email do you receive it?
Have you checked the email settings in the site control panel to make sure there is not a redirect.

Can you post the contact form code here?

What has the spam in the thread title got to do with it?


Hey, sorry!

There is not a contact form in the blog, Not saying that it could not be compromised, but I am using a plugin that supposedly stops send mail.

Sorry, I updated to php 5.6 and spam is still being sent (probably doesn't matter, just saying what I did).

I do not receive the email, just the bounce back from spam (to an old email address, but spam block, and bounces back to mine).

I am getting bounced back Spam result from a script sending to email addresses. Sorry if I did not explain that.

Here is the contact.php code. I don't even care if the contact form works at this point, he is getting a new site.


Thanks so much!




 $email_from = $email;
 $email_subject ="Crew Cutters Outer Banks \n\n";
$message.=' First Name :   '.$_POST['fname']."\n\n";
$message.=' Last Name :   '.$_POST['lname']."\n\n";
$message.='Email:   '.$_POST["emailid"]."\n\n";
$message.='Telephone:   '.$_POST["telno"]."\n\n";
$message.='Message :   '.$_POST["comments"]."\n\n";
$email_message = $message; 

$emailto ="";
$from = '';
$subject = "Contact From Crew Cutters";

$headers .= "Bcc:".$bc."\r\n";
$headers .= "Date: ".date('r')."\n";
$headers .= "Return-Path:" . "\n";





This may be nothing to do with your site, just someone sending spam emails with your email address as their "from" address. When they bounce, you get the bounce message.


Good point, one is a Yahoo email, Soooooooooooooooo

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