Website script difficulty

My website’s script utilize VENDOR PROPRIETARY EXTENSION <config>. I wanna have my website valid HTML. Please help me to get it to valid.

Your question isn’t very clear. Could you elaborate a bit?

Well, if it’s using a proprietary element called; CONFIG, it won’t validate until you remove it from the markup - the only other way it’d pass validation would be; if you created it via JavaScript though of course that will be just cheating the Validator.

best thing to do is just view your website on the browser like you do normally, then view src code, copy all src code, and put THAT in the validator… I do this all the time…

you can simply use put your URL and search, They will render all the errors you have on your website with line number, so that you can easily fix all the code.

I use this to validate my HTML code!

It doesn’t tell you about all the HTML errors. It leaves out any errors introduced into the page when JavaScript runs.

It also doesn’t test all the HTML rules. For example it will not give an error if you have a form and do not have a wrapper around the form fields with the form tag wrapped around the wrapper elements (usually div or fieldset tags would be used for the wrapper but there are other valid tags to use - however the validator doesn’t test this rule at all).