Website Ranking not Improving

I don’t why this website ranking (Kothianandam) is not improving….From September 2012 it’s regularly going down.
From September 2012 to till date we have done following things for improving ranking…

  1. Update content whole website
  2. Remove all external links form link pages
  3. Send Disavow link request for removing low quality links from website backlink profile
  4. Most work on social media include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest
  5. Done Classified ads
  6. Done Image Sharing
  7. Done social bookmarking for internal pages
  8. Update meta of most of pages

Is there missing anything?

I don’t understand what missing and is there any problem with website? Please suggest me if going something wrong on the website.

[font=verdana]SEO isn’t just about jumping through a series of hoops. Getting to #1 is not a case of following a series of steps and automatically getting the top spot. Most of what you’ve said there is pretty formulaic, and that has little benefit.

1 - Why did you update the content? Was it because the old content was out of date, or badly written, and you could see a way to improve it? If so, that sounds good. But if it was just re-writing it for the sake of it, that sounds more like a waste of time. When you updated it, did you make sure that you were using good semantic code (ie heading tags for headings, etc) and clear on-site navigation to help Google find its way round the site and understand it?

2 - Pointless and possibly harmful activity. There’s no harm in having external links. If no-one had external links, the internet would fall apart and Google wouldn’t be able to operate. Closing off all external links looks like someone is trying to hard, and that’s the kind of thing that Google doesn’t like. If it adds value to your readers to have external links then have them.

3 - Do you have a big problem with inbound links from poor quality sites? How did this come about? Was this a previous attempt at spam that you now wish you hadn’t done?

4 - Meaning what? Google is smart enough to know the difference between you promoting your own site (which it couldn’t give a damn about) and other people sharing your site (which it wants). Don’t think you can beat it, because you won’t.

5 - Paid adverts are no good to Google. It is only interested in links that people have given of their own free will because they want to, not because they are paid to.

6 - So what? How does that help Google to understand the value that your site gives to people?

7 - See 4

8 - Could be beneficial if you’ve done it sensibly, and put an appropriate <title> and <meta description> on each page (although the description won’t make any difference to where you rank, it can improve the click through rate), but if all you’ve done is stuff the <meta keywords> tag then it just smells like spam to Google and they won’t thank you for that.

If you want more advice, read the SEO FAQ.[/font]

updating content is not going to change anything ,content with relevancy will help you so go for fresh content with google algorthims to avoid spammy contents and while building backlinks try to go do follow backlinks so that you can get link juice.

Hi, you have to create backlinks in quality sites. Creating backlinks in 20 sites is equal to building quality backlink in one site.

Now time to build some quality links. Go viral on content marketing. You thread suggest that your site has been penalized by Google. So it will take time and can be recovered only with quality linking and quality content marketing.

Using Social networking sites, Forum posting, Blog positng, Article submission, Directory submission on reputed site can help you to get good quality of backlinks. Once your sites start receiving genuine vistors, it will help you to gain business along with increasing your ranking on Google.

you can improve your site ranking by making a strategic SEO plan. what you have mention to your post are really helpful to optimize your sites. so that have to do more than now and increase your search engine visibility. you can more inter act in site point forum.

your Best Regard
Googma Sansar

Nice tips and suggestions to improve ranking. I think it is important to make some new contents and use some do follows blogs for your site advertisement. Social bookmarking is also useful so it is good to use some good social sites.

I think you missed business directories and blogs.

As I think it is not necessary that common seo strategy always works for you. Sometimes search spider facing problem in crawling your website. Best idea is to analyze your competitors and reset your work strategy.

You can keep your out going links. It’s advised just to add nofollow them. If that has any berring one way or another is a different story.

you use also local directory submission and local classifieds with page rank max 4 and blog post, local blog comments… you got rankings …and also The genuine content is most important in seo latest update in 2013…

To Improve your website ranking.,First concentrate on the keyword analysis and choose the appropriate Title.

Avoid Spamming and do post original contents.

Please do Article submission,Document Sharing,Blog commenting and SMO…

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Perform these white Hat SEO techniques:

  1. Create and write unique and fresh articles.
  2. Social bookmarking
  3. Article submission
  4. Blogging
  5. Blog Commenting
  6. Press Release
  7. Yahoo Answers
  8. Directory Submission
  9. Guest Posting
  10. Video Creation
  11. RSS Submission
  12. Social Media

i am agree with maya. by doing so you can increase your website rank.
social networking sites can be proved very effictive for getting a great number of visitors. when you will get visitors your rank will go higher.

i have problem to create back links so what i do?

forum posting (dofollow forum) , guest posting on high pr website are good ways to increase your backlink.

i am doing same mathod. but there is no any good effect sop what i do now?

it is a bit slow prcess keep doing your good work and surely you will get good result as quality backlinks are very important for your blog. it will help you to rank your blog higher.

What exactly have you done both for “seo” and to actually promote your site to you know… humans? How much time has it been?