Website randomly crashed. no clue why

I have a website that is mainly run through Wordpress :
and it was working completely fine, but randomly now it has glitched and shows no formatting even though my css/html/js files have been unaltered. I don’t think its a cache issue because the site comes glitching even in incognito windows and phones. But I don’t have a cache plugin downloaded on Wordpress. I feel it could be one of two things;

  1. I should download a cache plugin and remove the cache in the WP file folders
  2. My wordpress for that site is quite old. It is telling me to update Wordpress, and since I havent I feel that is why it crashed.

Does anyone know what else it could be?

Your home page is using http, but the rest of your site - including the URL for your external style sheets - is using https. Firefox is showing an error message for any of the https URLS:

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Yep I get the same warning.

I’ve found, more often than not, that duff advertising javascript causes random crashes (don’t you love adtech!). Try removing the ads to see if crashing persists, if it stops happening that’s the problem - the only long term solution is to either vet ads that are displayed on your site or run your ads locally.

The first thing to do is upgrade your Wordpress to the current version and see if the problem goes away.

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