Website promotion

I have hired a lot of people, usually from india to help promote my site <snip/>. I am looking to either keyword “new york restaurants” or “top restaurant nyc”.

New York restaurants has high competition but 440,000 searchs a month
top restaurant nyc has lower competition but 90,000 per month

i am open to suggestions.

I suggest you read this thread for you to have a better idea on how you will command the people you hired.

You might also want to read this thread about other people’s experiences of outsourcing SEO to India…

you could possibly break them in smaller niches. for example
new york Indian restaurants
new york Chinese restaurants

this way you would have less competition and more chance to rank well.

webcosmo is right. If you break it a little bit down you will have a greater possibility of ranking higher on that certain niche. also learning more about seo, so it can help you know more about whom to hire.

Most guys I know outsource to the Phillipines now.

Its cheaper, their command of English is better and their general personality is much more attractive, exactly what you need when engaging and promoting.

India seems to be get the money and get the job done quickly so we can get some more money.

Yes, I couldn’t agree with you more.

Offshore staff leasing or offshore staffing enables you to set up your own offshore team in the Philippines consisting of employees hired on your behalf who will work for you exclusively.
The offshore staffing process works very similar to how you would hire personnel locally.

mmm i am a believer in paying either US or UK based companies rather than outsourcing seo to places like India. I have outsourced some of my work before and it is not good quality most of the time (sure there are exceptions)! Have not heard too much about the Phillipines but my guess is that it will go down the same road as India eventually i.e. work gets worse but they keep charging.

I know the cost is obviously higher but so long as you pick the right company then the results tend to be better.

Then whats the result from the people you have hired. Else give it to someone else. And please dont just concentrate on 2 keywords.

You should take a look of the results what they’re producing for you. You should target the keywords having average searches with less competition…

are there ant US companies that anyone tried and found great results?

Well as Webcosmo describe that you should have to twist you keywords a little bit and sure their is a good chance to get a good ranking for that keyword.

But the SEO Expert must put the site in top position with the given keywords. This is not a way to twist the keywords and put client site in top position and this is not a work of real SEO Expert.

That can be extremely diificult to do the whitehat way and for some keywords very difficult the black hat way too.

There are so many factors beside concentrating on keywords that will affect your keyword ranking e.g site age.

If any SEO can promise you #1 ranking for all your keywords I would be very dubious.

You can further refine keywords UES Indian Restaurants, good NYC restaurants, manhattan restaurants, delivery restaurants, etc