Website Promotion on Pinterest

Please suggest me some of the basic but amazing options through which I can promote my websites organically on Pinterest.


I hope it helps you out;

  1. Offer added value
  2. Offer unique and exclusive content
  3. Form relationships, try to engage effectively with users.
  4. Enhance SEO strategies.
  5. Underline what service you provide.

Sorry, but this is not how Pinterest works. Pinterest is a visual format while your suggestions are a textual format, good for blogging, for example.

It will be more helpful if you told us what area your website targets. If it is clothing, suggestions would be different than if it were computer parts.

Remember that Pinterest is basically a visual platform. You would create a blog with a Pinterest-worthy image. Then people would read the blog and click on the image to put it in their Pinterest board to keep it on file. So your blog needs to be appealing to the people you are marketing to.


I have one suggestion of related to increase website traffic on Pinterest. Follow pinterest guideline carefully and create one post with your website Url regularly.

As the OP seems to have lost interest, there is little point in continuing to offer suggestions.

Thanks to all those who contributed.

Thread closed.