Website Project Advice Needed

Hello everyone,

Need some advice. Starting a website that would include a classified section and also include auctions. I have no programming skills for such a task, I have a design background. I was thinking of using a WordPress back end with auction and classified plugins for the site. Wondering what the thoughts were on this and if it could work? Im pretty sure it can but maybe some with experience in auction sites may have some thoughts.

Thank You

WordPress does have a lot of add-ons, and there will probably be ones for the sort of thing you need, so in principle, this should be quite doable. All the same, using a system you don’t understand from a code point of view, especially with add-ons etc., has its downsides. What are you going to do if things break, add-ons misfire, updates go wrong etc? That’s my worry with this sort of thing. If this is a big business task, it would be safer to hire a company to build and oversee the site for you.


While I’m sure you could cobble something together with wordpress plugins, I think your project is ambitious for someone with no programming experience. Ralph raises a good point. What happens if something breaks or if a plugin does not install correctly and you have to get under the hood to fix it.

There does appear to be a lot of plugins out there though,

Like this one,

Sitepoint has a good beginners guide on html and css,



Thank you guys I really appreciate the help. This will be something to discuss with my partner before moving forward that’s for sure. I think the “Auction” part of it is where it could get tricky and we’ll need to decide if the type of site can run just as a classified venture for now.