Website Opened at http:// but after updation website crashed

My website which earlier opened at [noparse][/noparse] after my client notified me that it didn’t opened at [noparse][/noparse] , So I went to change the WordPress address and Site address in the wordpress admin panel through general options panel ,

I updated it to [noparse][/noparse] but as I updated it my website crashed and cant open it now . :frowning:

Now ,
I want to restore those settings and change my website address to [noparse][/noparse] but in order to do so I have to recover what I did and how can I fix the above errors ,

Please help I dont want to create that website again and do the coding !

The website opens for me - have you sorted it out?

If you have sorted it out the first thing you want to do now is make a backup!


There should not be any need to recode the site. Just do as Rubble say and make a backup of the site before you do anything else.
I think you need to look at the dns setup at your registrar. It looks like its only your domain name (without www) that point to your host.