Website - not converting?

If you had to name just ONE thing that in your opinion is stopping the website below from converting more visitors into customers, what would it be please? Any help really appreciated.

Your website looks good and is fully responsive but if I use Google to search for sleep aromatherapy I do not see your website in the first 20 pages of results. In fact it seems your website does not even include the word ‘aromatherapy’. You have far, far too many competitors selling pillow mist sprays and diffusers. Your prices are way too high: M&S is well known to be an expensive retailer but see how much you get for £29.50 (here).

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@Archibald Thank you very much for this appraisal, it’s appreciated.

Thanks also for the positives, there has been a lot of work under the bonnet for this one. It’s my brother in laws website / business and I did say I would try and help him.

I know it doesn’t negate things completely, but he does free postage to anywhere in the UK, whereas they don’t, BUT, you’re correct the prices are a little high - and there’s our quandary - he gets the natural organic essential oils oils from farms in Europe, no chemicals involved anywhere, and his regular customers have tried other similar cheaper types (with chemicals) from other outlets, and they all say that his works much better, borne out with their constant repeat orders. He is one of lifes good guys, so it would be great to help him with this.

We’re open to any further viewpoints from yourself or anyone else.

Apart from the price, what would be the ONE thing you would change to hopefully convert more visitors to customers please?