Website not compatible on high resolution. How to resolve high resolution problem.?

I have developed a website and when i open it on high resolution, browser displaying long horizontal scroll bar. Web page not compatible to high resolution. Can any one suggest how to fix it.

Hi William,

Post some code or a link or something. You’ve not given us much to go on.

I think you need over view css and design your website i hope your problem are solved nice job keep it up

In photoshop, layout size pixel is important for resolution…pls. check in internet how much resolution want to fix in layout…pls. read layout optimisation…it will helpful

For web pages though it is just about completely irrelevant. The only things that should be measured in pixels on the web are images and minimum width borders. All other sizes should be measured in % or em.

When you use % for sizes they will be set relative to the browser viewport size or the container they are inside. The maximum width of individual columns for readability should be around 30 to 35em.


Felgall touches on some important points. When you develop pages, you will want to use measurements that are relative and that are easily interpreted for optimal display quality by the browser. When you use absolute values, then your pages will not render correctly on most machines.

Here is an example article on font size to give you an idea,

Hope that helps you,


Thanks felgall.

I tried your suggestion and change the image width pixel to %. Now my website is running fine and i’m able to open it in any resolution without any error.