Website Navigation Keys


Can anyone help me about the static navigation keys for my Website ( I want my website category bar to be static while I have my website on blogger, tell me the code or how to do it??


I'm not sure what you're asking, @apervio.

Do you mean that you want a sticky header? You want the red navigation bar to stay visible at the top of the viewport, even when you scroll down the page?

If that's not what you mean, perhaps you could post a screenshot to help explain.


Yes you are right I want a sticky header, yes I want it at the top even when one scroll down the page dear, tell me how to do??


Should the whole of the header stick, or just the nav menu?
If it's the whole thing it can be done simply with position: fixed.
But for a true sticky header, where an element scrolls until it hits the top, then sticks, there is position: sticky, but that does not have universal browser support yet, so you may want a javascript solution.


Which one is good plz tell and I have blogger website how to do it in blogger HTML??


can you plz elaborate me the full code how to do it in Blogger website??


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