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Hi everyone,

I’m using a freelance platform to create a website generator website. The general idea is that the user inputs a keyword, then an algorithm appends prefixes and suffixes to create a unique name. My developer has given me two options.

  1. One is to have an API then query Godaddy or Bluehost and display results as per their availability on the website generator’s homepage. A click through on each name would display further information about the chosen name including similar options and social media availability on FB and twitter.

  2. Two is for the algorithm to query a database regarding whether a particular domain name is available or not. Here my developer states that all domain names would have to be entered manually through the backend so that they show up automatically on the front end. He states that all things about the site would be automatic except domain names I add individually or through an excel/xml file in the backend.

The developer claims that the second option is faster since website functioning would remain local and would not have to use an off-site API like an affiliate one from Bluehost. However, I really don’t understand why would I ever want to add anything to any database. Surely for a website generator the site is simply receiving the input from the visitor and creating a new word. Why would I add domain names to a database when my website is generating them? He states that with option one, I would add domain names manually to a database either individually or one at at time. He says that the admin should search domains accordingly and add them manually through Bluehost search engine and then those domains will auto-verify their availability.

However, I absolutely fail to see where I would get these names from? Surely there must be millions of names? I’m clearly missing something obvious as this is truly perplexing to me.

Can anyone help me understand this issue?


I am as perplexed as you are. I have no idea why you’d need to enter randomly generated things into a database.

The only viable way is to actually check with a domain registrar if a domain is available. Any other means will (a) be redundant work and (b) almost certainly always out of date.

In general you only use databases for things you are the book of record of. Since you are not a domain registrar you are not the book of record for domain names, thus you don’t need a database with domain names.

Option 2 sounds like stepping away from the randomness and only suggest domains that are entered in the database? Although it would be nasty if you add something and then between you adding it and a user picking it the domain is already registered. Also, if you explicitly asked for randomness I fail to see how is a viable suggestion on their part as it clearly doesn’t achieve what you want.

Maybe he means you’d need to manually add available suffixes and prefixes? If not, I’ve no idea what he means.

in general i agree

but what about storing a table of country codes? these are the types of tables which are the exception to your rule

My key query is, what domain names would I input into a database on a website name generator website? My developer states that leandomainsearch uses the above manual system described. However, I am confused where I would get hold of domain names to put into a database in the first place. Here is the message from my developer. He is asking if I’d like to adopt either of the above two options.

the above link shared is based on a global search and verifying data on the spot through API which can be through any source like ICANN or other platforms so if domain is available on godaddy it will redirect the user to godaddy affiliated link but if it’s not on godaddy list then it will show the WHOIS info.

Whereas leandomain is working on pre-added domains verifying at the spot of Bluehost API so if added domain on either from affiliated API or from Database is available it shows otherwise it hides like here’s quick example if want to use bluehost API:
here’s example curl of Bluehost API:
1. CURL with available domain:
2. CURL with not available:

so if want to use bluehost then you can add many domains as required directly from excel or any list, so if any domain has been purchased then system will automatically remove that domain from search OR if domain clicked it will show the WHOIS info link.

and Now the main question is:
1. want to adopt a global searching system
2. OR want a closed environment system in which only pre-added/selected domains will show up.

That’s why I said “in general” :slight_smile:
Of course for lookup data that hardly ever changes it fine to store that locally as well.

I read that question as:

Do you want:

  1. what you asked for?
  2. something else?

This sounds strange some how, @rpkamp had already made some points clear to you about what a database is meant for, i wonder how many random domains you want to preinstall.

If i get correctly what you are trying to archive i will do this

  1. Create two variables for suffix and for prefix , it be any set data or keyword or a random data from country name or anything you want the prefix and suffix to start and end with.

  2. Create a form to collect users choice domain or keywords without the extenstion

  3. Once submitted, your code will look like this

$search =  $prefix . $_POST['userchoicedomain'] . $suffix;
  1. Then use the $search variable to query any domain registrar and check for availability.

  2. The search results can be cast into an array or another drop down field for user to select from, or can manually copy any of the returned result and put in a text box but will be validated using in_array()

  3. Then the last one after he had made his selection will then be used to call the api in responsible for registering the domain.

If what i have in mind is what you are trying to archive then this method will be best for it.

The developer is right, but what the developer isn’t telling you is that someone has to keep the database updated. Just because is available now, doesn’t mean it is a week from now. Your site would still have to reach out to a host API to query at the moment whether or not the domain is available, otherwise you’re potentially selling a domain that already exists, which will fail. Worse, you’re presenting to the customer that a domain is available when it is not, which makes you look bad.

That said, your developer has already pointed you at a site that does the same thing you’re trying to do? So… uhhhh…best of luck with that, I guess?

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@m_hutley, Yes, I understand the workings and maintenance aspects of the database. Again, my key question is where would the domains come from to populate the db.
@pandglobal, Yes, I am aware of the purpose of the db, it is when the developer says to manually input domain names into the database where I feel confused. Inputting prefixes/suffixes keywords, synonyms and so on makes sense and gives the idea legitimacy.

shrug. The developer seems to be leaving that up to you.

Your developer doesn’t appear to speak very fluent English, so i’m inclined to believe rpkamp in post #2 that he’s suggesting a database of prefix/suffix words to stuff around the user’s keyword to generate possible domain names, as that seems to be what the other site he mentioned is doing.

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