Website migration and redirect of old URLs

Hi all

I have a website, the domain is registered and the hosting is provided through the same supplier, which is all fine. I can use HTaccess to handle redirects etc and all is good.

However I am about to migrate to shopify, and will point my existing domain to that service, whilst the domain registration will stay with the current separate registrar. This will work fine for redirecting the main top level domain.

However I have URLs such as and shopify does not allow me to construct identical URLs for the new site.

How do I set up 301 redirects from the old URLs to point to the new URLs on the shopify service?

I assume I can’t use HTaccess as the top level domain redirect will happen first, can someone please point me in the right direction?

I suppose my question is can I handle these redirects via some DNS or domain redirect setting outside of shopify?

Many Thanks


I think the shopify documentation may be the issue here - I did think their suggestion was strange and it appears you can do it in shopify after all as expected.

Feel free to delete this :slight_smile:



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