Website made in Dreamweaver 8 opens with float drop in CS3

I originally built my website in Dreamweaver 8, and have been using Dreamweaver 8 until now, and everything looks & works fine both off- & online.
The site has a vertical navbar on the left, main content in the middle, and a column with ads on the right. Everything is floated left (the site can be seen online:
The problem: When I open the website in Dreamweaver CS3, the main content in the middle of the page has suddenly dropped down (float drop) under the navigation bar on the left (it does this on all the pages). I’ve tried to fix it by reducing the width of the main content, but it hasn’t helped.
Seems something has changed in the way the css of my site is interpreted by Dreamweaver CS3, but I haven’t got a clue. If someone has had a similar experience, I would appreciate your feedback (and hopefully, solution).

Hi Paul,

That little fix fixed it! Funny that it is required in CS3, because in DW 8 it worked fine without it.

Many thanks.


You should take no notice of how the site display in DW’s design view because it is not a browser. It handles css very badly and should not be used in wysiwyg view at all.

Just use code view and then preview in a real browser to see what it looks like.

If you change code to make it display better in design view then that’s like the tail wagging the dog :slight_smile:

Having said all that you can probably make it look better by floating this.

#left_box02 {
    width: 160px;
[B]    float:left;

However adding code where none is necessary is a big hack.