Website legal question

Is it legal to have a logo of a any website (ex. in my website that takes people to that site???

Amazon has guidelines on that.

It might vary from company to company.

oook thanks! One more question! Considering the first question I made, when the logo is clicked could a pop up like window open containing the amazon website or this is illegal?

Not sure. But I guess that, ultimately, and traffic you bring to their site is money for them, so I’d be surprised if it’s an issue. But best wait for someone who knows. :slight_smile:

But I mean a pop-up window from with in my site not another window from that persons web browser or is it the same thing? Does that count as traffic for them also?

Yeah, pretty much the same thing. It’s still traffic to their site.

A pop-uo window from your site isn’t it will be displayed at your visitors’ web browser when they click on the logo? Unless you are referring to auto pop-up Window.

When there is a click to the logo and it links to the site, the traffic is counted and you are contributing the traffic to Amazon.

Well technicly yes but its not an other window of that web browser but a window from with in my web site. Oooh ook!

I assume you are talking about something like an iframe?

Can I do that with the iFrame tag?

Probably, or the <object> element too, but that doesn’t address the original question regarding its legality.

Soo it could be done? Open a website in a pop-up from within my site? True but thanks anyways!

Yes, so you’d have a popup page, and on that page would be an iframe, calling in an Amazon page.