Website layout for SEO


Anybody have a idea about, how would be the structure of an website according to SEO point of view. ( layout of website) better indexing and ranking for search engine.


Try to use DIV based HTML coding… and try to make the URL structure SEO Friendly.

Tests have shown that using a table-based layout or a div-based layout has no real impact on search engine rankings.

As long as other semantic coding (H1, strong etc) is used according to specification, the search engines are pretty code-agnostic.

I am agree with seriocomic

Build it as if search engiens didn’t exist and you were just trying to make sure that the site is clear and understandable for humans including those who need to use screen readers. That’s best for SEO.

Start by laying out all the content with just HTML and don’t worry about any styling or positioning initially. Read the page as if it were an information sheet. If it makes sense and presents your content clearly, then that’s good for search engines too.

I guess you should not use more frames in the layout, use informative images and link it properly to the landing page. while designing take care that the Website should response fast to the queries fired