Website is serving my localhost?

On looking up the website related to some scammy email I received today, I was surprised to find my business website staring back at me. Further investigations revealed it was actually serving my localhost. Turning off my local apache meant the website wasn’t reached. A tracert on the domain showed it resolving to Same result with nslookup.

I was thinking all sorts of things, like they’ve hacked into my site, or they’ve hacked into my pc (my hosts file doesn’t show anything). But the dns result is the same when I look from other computers. Could it just be that they’ve registered their nameservers as Is this even possible and why would anyone do this? WHat’s the benefit?

I believe that is not the case to pay for the paid domaintools account :cool:

That had crossed my mind too, but the whois shows that this user has registered nearly 4000 domains (though I can’t see what they are). You would have thought they’d start getting it right after that many!


I can’t think why they would do that to be honest, seems a little odd - I’m guessing non-to-bright scammers.


I suppose you will need to have paid subscription there to see all those domain names. That is possible on the domaintools.