Website is not preview well on internet explorer

hi friends

i have i got an error… when i opened my website on internet explorer, it sidebar and post content moved down. , kindly help me, what sort of error it is??

waiting for your reply

Your google search in the right column is too wide for the column for a start so adjust that first.

Columns will drop in IE if elements are too big so make sure everything fits inside exactly.

You can try using overflow:hidden on the column containers but that will of course clip the content.

You might start with fixing the 29 validation errors in the site.

Some of them are fairly severe and might be causing the problem, although IE (especially IE6) is maddening to get right with layouts at the best of times.

Then there’s Paul’s advice about trimming the Google Search element. Between the two, you should see some strong results.

sir, i fixed the size of google search box, still have the same problem

Hi, I’m getting no column drop in IE6. Did you manage to fix the issue?

The page seems to have changed since last I looked as now it’s only a 2 column layout instead of 3 :slight_smile:

I don’t want to turn this into a website review :), but now you have 80 errors, some fairly severe, and your “Contect With Us!” element has a blatant misspelling and uses icons that are displayed much larger than they were originally created to be, forcing them to render in a somewhat pixelated fashion. As Tim Gunn tells his designers, “Make it work!”

sir, actually i activate my older theme, due to this problem,

sir , i uploaded this here , kindly fix the error plz

Some problems here, Aligayyum, and please take this as constructive critiquing, not any sort of personal slapdown or an attempt at being insulting. SitePoint isn’t a mechanic’s shop, we don’t just fix stuff. Our primary purpose is sharing knowledge, which basically means you bring a problem (or I bring a problem) to the forums and the other guys pitch in, not just to help you fix it, but to teach you how to fix it so you’ll learn something and be a better designer.

Also, that last link leads to a zip file, not a Web site. As soon as I realized what it was, I closed the window immediately for fear of a virus or trojan. If that site or file or whatever is zipped up in there has a problem, it seems to be separate from your smashinghub site and would require a separate thread, with open files for our perusal.


sir u are right, i am also learn a lot in sitepoint.

sir i activate theme, where i got an error , plz see the sidebar… if u guys trace out the error , just tell me, i will remove it simply, i m not going to marketing my site, i got an error, that is why, i created the problem post in CSS section.
i m not personal, last two answer personalty attack on me, okey thanks a lot

I should also note there are about 10 pages in there so I don’t know what to do about that lol. Which page?

Also, a link would be much more preferable because we are very nervous about this stuff :eye:

today i m very upset with all of your answers :frowning:

I’m sorry to hear that :(. We are just trying to provide constructive criticism :).

I really don’t want to come across as personally criticizing or attacking you. That isn’t what we do here. It’s all about the design, I just want to help you get it the way you want it.

sir i activate the theme on which i got an error, i think, problem on the right sidebar and post content page, it goes down in internet explorer, you can see it plz

black max , i m using sitepoint as my guide line, i learnt a lot from sitepoint, wheneven i was placed the problem, this forum really fix it, with this hope, i come again, and i placed my problem, i attached the theme file, might be you looked better in the code, what sort of problem it is?

now i activated the theme, where i have problem, can u look it? what is the error ?

guys i fixed the problem , my own, thanks alot

Let me go back, aliqayyum. You fixed the Google search box problem, but you haven’t fixed the validation errors. Some of them could well be causing your problems.

If it were my site, I would go through the list, fix the errors, reload the site, and see if that makes a difference. If it doesn’t, we can give you as much help as we can to help you get it fixed.

I just looked at it in Internet Explorer 6 and I don’t see either sidebar dropping down. Try clearing your cache in IE and looking at it again.

Sorry we weren’t able to help you with this but we are glad you solved it on your own :). Do you know what the problem was?

Excellent, you fixed it while I was typing that last post. Nice job!