Website in Hebrew

I need some urgent help: I need to build a website in Hebrew. I put charset utf-8, lang=“he” but it does not work, when I test a website in browser all texts appear in questions marks symbols instead of Hebrew letters. What did I miss to do? Can somebody help me to resolve the problem? Many thanks in advance!

Stomme poes, if I would near you I would kiss you, thank you so much!
Yes, that was the problem, I followed your instructions, changed settings in encoding and voila! works! Thank you!!!
I am very grateful to all people who tried to help me, it is invaluable.

I think i have read everything written on web on this topic, may be Aptana does not save files with utf-8, can it be? And how to ensure? I have no idea

Most text editors have additional options if you choose “Save As” and there should be a charset setting.
UTF-8 (but not as Unicode and no BOM if offered) is best but otherwise you could also use iso 8859-8-i.
I googled Aptana:

  1. open file
  2. Edit->Set Encoding
  3. select UTF-8
  4. save

Write your text in logical order and use the dir attribute on your HTML tag. Do not use CSS to make page order make sense. You should be able to do it with markup alone.

To get actual letters instead of ?s all over your page, you must have the following:
-at least one Hebrew font on your computer (I assume you do : )
-your document saved as utf-8 (if you choose utf-8, which, I would)
-your meta tag agrees
-your server’s HTTP headers agree

if the meta tag does not match the server, the server overrides. If the server does not match how the document was saved, you get ? or boxes or whatever. The meta tag is the least important in determining charset, but browsers DO check it, and is required for validation. You’ll also want that meta tag to be the first tag in your <head>.

There are bugs with bidi and you can ignore using it if the entire page is RTL.

Ditto if the problem doesn’t resolve.

I might be able to help you later (but I have to go feed some beasts first) but at the moment: should help you understand better about text direction as obviously Hebrew is RTL as you probably already know.

Regarding the encoding problems only today we are discussing issues and explains the ‘replacement character’ you are seeing.

does your text editor or the editor you write the website in, let you save the html documents as utf-8? did you ensure this is the case?

have you instructed the web server to put a content type header for utf-8 charset?

a link to the page is something always helpful too :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for trying to help me!
I work in Aptana, by default it creates new html file with:
<meta http-equiv=“Content-Type” content=“text/html; charset=iso-8859-1”>
I change it manually to utf-8
It is the first meta in head.
I think i have read everything written on web on this topic, may be Aptana does not save files with utf-8, can it be? And how to ensure? I have no idea.
It is very funny but it is my first website in Hebrew (considering that i am Israeli), till now I have made websites only in English and never thought I could have such the problem:)))
I shall reread article may be I shall find something I could not figure out till now but it seems all is written there I already tried…