Website idea and money!

Hi! Somehow I managed to get a lot of good photos in a few years with the mobile phone and I think in the future I will make 100 time more and i do not want to lose them without any profit. So I think to create a website-photo-gallery with awesome template and graphics and then sell it.

Do you think is a good bussiness? The content(photos) is good because is unique but can’t attract ads money or affiliate money( at least I don’t know any such programs)

I think I can bring as 100000 great photos from wild life, monuments, historical sites, nature, vistas or cities.

How much do u think I can earn selling this kind of site?

Cheers! :eye:

Who do you think would want to buy them? People that buy and use photos frequent the stock photo sites mentioned. You already mentioned they aren’t very good quality so I’m not sure I understand why you think someone would want them.

I don’t think that phones can make high qualities photos as professional cameras even if it’s 5MB resolution, don’t just count on resolution to have good quality, resolution is a main factor but there are lots more factor that affects the photo quality

I don’t think anyone would buy a photo captured from a phone camera. People with DSLR’s are having a hard time selling their photos online and those are really stunning photos.

Also if you gonna make your own website then sell your photos over their, what makes you think you will get the same traffic if you sell your photos in an existing photo sites?

If you can’t tell me why it’s a good idea then I think that you have your answer.

He’s talking about a picture frame for physical images which is not what you are talking about at all.

What exactly is your business model here? To create a website with a portfolio of your images and then to sell that website, correct? If so, then I still think it’s not a good business plan. Why would anyone be interested in that?

But why not?

If you have quality & unique photos with nice frame, then obviously any one can buy your photos.

What nice frame?

I don’t think people will buy a portfolio website except if you give them the right of your pictures to them too.

you can contact make large website related to your pictures and generate earnings from ads

The photos are good, but they are made with 5MP phone camera… so they don’t have super quality.

If your photo’s are good people will buy them.

yes I searched but they have a huge datebase of photos, what chances are people will buy my photos?? I think 0 :))

search for “stock photo” in your favorite search engine :slight_smile:

Why don’t you just sell the photos themselves on existing photo sites?

What existing photo sites?

:)) Man I know original content wealth a bit, so this is why I want to sell them. Better make some money than throw them away don’t u think? But the sites I don’t think they will accept them, to make a site and then sell them is yet again tricky so maybe I think I will find someone to buy them as bulk… on Digital Point or something similar…!