Website getting cutoff on some computers

Here is the site:

From my computer it looks fine on all browsers.

Someone just told me that it is getting cut off on their computer, though. I’m wondering, what’s the best way to solve this issue… Different people have different resolutions, but is there something I can add to the styles?


I just opened it up in firefox 3.6.13 and chrome at 1280x1024. The text to the left of the profile picture is cut off.

Here’s a screenshot:

I’m guessing you designed this on a widescreen monitor?

I would recommend chopping off the part of the image with the text and make it actual text instead.

there’s text to the left of the profile picture?

this is what i see (IE8) –

Same here: the contact graphic is cut off on the left side of my monitor (1280x1024).